Remodeling, Additions and Upgrades

Why Eagle Bay Homes is a great choice for your next remodeling project

Our experience ranges from simple remodels to complete high end new custom home construction.  We are even one of the few contractors that have the experience and capabilities to raise homes for foundation repairs.  This simply means that we get the work done right and we get it done on time!

Being a contractor for over 35 years that primarily builds new custom homes for some of Snohomish County’s most discerning clientele, we understand the process of building and remodeling better than most.

We focus on getting the project done RIGHT and ON-TIME!

Admittedly, we are perfectionists.  Ask our customers, they will tell you.  We build or remodel your home as if we were doing it for ourselves.  We put that same care into your home as we would for ours.

Important to the entire process is getting the work done on time.  With our vast experience, we know the pitfalls to avoid that slow a project.  We have assembled a substantial and established team of professional tradesman that help us all along the process.  We are committed to keeping your stress levels as low as possible during a remodeling project.  Our biggest contributions to lowered stress is getting the job done with excellence AND getting it done on time.

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Room Additions & Remodels

We know homeowners are cautious when choosing the right remodeling contractor for room additions and room makeovers.  It is important to be careful when choosing the right contractor so you can avoid some common mistakes and keep your stress level down during the construction process.

Kitchens – Basements – Room Additions

Enhance, revive or expand your living space by remodeling your home. Eagle Bay Homes has achieved a long list of satisfied remodeling clients by turning their visions into seamless reality!

Create a New Home with an Addition

Room additions can turn a crowded home that doesn’t flow into the open, functional space you’ve been dreaming of.

Keeping an eye on budget and costs, the Eagle Bay Homes remodeling team will design your addition that not only functions well but will also be a sound investment come re-sale time.

Revive Your Kitchen

Starting with the customers ideas and budget, Eagle Bay Homes  works with Seattle’s top designers to arrive at the perfect kitchen at the right price.

Eagle Bay Homes’ selection process allows ample time to incorporate all of the many selections that need to be incorporated into the plan without being rushed. This process allows the customer to view everything in place physically and financially, preventing price/cost overruns because of ‘forgotten’ details.

Renew Your Basement

Turn the unfinished portion of your home into the most usable space in the house.

Eagle Bay’s designers can help with:

  • basic layout and design tips
  • sound system do’s and don’ts
  • turning awkward niches into fantastic spaces for entertaining
  • creating comfort and a soothing look with fireplaces

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Remodeling, Additions and Upgrades
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